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Freya on YouTube – Episode 7 – The Volvo is back.

It’s been three months since this all started and I finally have my Volvo back. And it is running like new. Life is good, I tell you.

Freya on YouTube – Episode 6 – At IKEA

In this episode, I am waiting for December 9th, when Volvo’s engineer will come to Pasadena to look at my car & service records. To make the time pass, I go to visit my favorite Customer Greater, Nils, at IKEA.

“Rusna, Freya & Volvie”

In this episode, I express my deepest heartfelt feelings through the art of adult puppeteering. What better way to tell my riveting story?

Freya Top Story on The Consumerist

I just noticed my traffic jump drastically this morning, and noticed The Consumerist picked up my story. Thanks Ben Popken.

“O Rusnak Volvo” — A Swedish Folkloric

In this episode I am doing a soulful rendition of “O Volvo Rusnak” in the Swedish Folkloric style. Dust off your clogs and sing along!

Freya on YouTube – Episode 3.

In this episode I am having an Ingmar Bergman moment. I am reflecting deeply. These are the dark days. But being of the viking ilk, I know I will prevail. The sun will rise again to shine another day.

Freya on YouTube – Episode 2.

Check out Episode 2 of my journey. I updated the Service Manager about my campaign and that I invited Doug Speck, the President of Volvo North America, to join me on Facebook, Twitter and here on RusmackedVolvo.

Freya on YouTube – Episode 1.

I just uploaded my 1st episode of Freya goes YouTube. I look forward to getting some global exposure. There are many potential Volvo buyers and Rusnak Customers out there… Just doing what I can to keep people updated.