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“O Rusnak Volvo” — A Swedish Folkloric

In this episode I am doing a soulful rendition of “O Volvo Rusnak” in the Swedish Folkloric style. Dust off your clogs and sing along!

Pass the coolant!


Ooops! It came on again.

Transmission update: The Service Manager at Rusnak went back to the Territorial Manager at Volvo North America last week, to see if they would change their mind about replacing my transmission for no charge. Their answer is still no. Their offer of $1,300 still stands.
Next Steps: Not acceptable. The transmission was faulty from day 1. I will continue campaigning until my transmission is changed without a charge.

Cylinder Head update: I am leaking coolant like a sieve, yet there are no puddles under my car, and the car is running super rough while cold. Independent diagnosed the car as having an internal coolant leak, causing the cylinders to misfire. 3 possible causes: a crack in the cylinder head (replaced 1.5 year ago by Rusnak); the head gasket; or the block is warped. I took the car to Rusnak. They kept it for 3 days. They squeezed and jabbed, tapped and tested. Their conclusion is there is no leak inside the engine (despite Independent finding condensation inside the cylinders when pulling out the spark plugs). They claim the leak is due to a couple of worn out heater hoses in the back of the engine. The running rough is caused by faulty injectors. Suggested repair: $1,560. Two completely different diagnosis. Odd!
Next Step: I’m keeping my bottle of coolant close at all times. I am also taking my car back to Independent to change the heater hoses (for %40 less of a price) to see if that takes care of the coolant leak. If not, it’s back to Rusnak to raise a ruckus!

Win big! Freya’s foto contest.


Freya's card on a windshield

Here is my latest step in spreading the word of Freya. I have created little business card-sized notes for On each card I put a personal handwritten message, and stick them on other Volvos I see around town, to invite them to join me. Want to help me spread the word? I’ll send you a starter-pack of 25 blanks with the logo on the back. Or download the PDF here. Write your own message, put them on a Volvo and take a photo. Best photo will receive a grand-prize of an ABBA Thank You for the Music Box Set. Winners will be announced December 15. Just in time for the Holidays.

Freya on YouTube – Episode 3.

In this episode I am having an Ingmar Bergman moment. I am reflecting deeply. These are the dark days. But being of the viking ilk, I know I will prevail. The sun will rise again to shine another day.

Calling all friends.

As I went on Facebook and invited Doug Speck, the President of Volvo North America to become my friend, I noticed he only has 24 friends. One of my FB friends suggested I offer him a trade: I could help him get more friends (I already have 127 after little over 1 week) in return for him pulling some strings to get my car fixed. I think that sounds reasonable. Therefore, I would love for all of you to send a Friend Request to Doug Speck on Facebook, and let him know Freya Svensson sent you.

Freya on YouTube – Episode 2.

Check out Episode 2 of my journey. I updated the Service Manager about my campaign and that I invited Doug Speck, the President of Volvo North America, to join me on Facebook, Twitter and here on RusmackedVolvo.

Freya on YouTube – Episode 1.

I just uploaded my 1st episode of Freya goes YouTube. I look forward to getting some global exposure. There are many potential Volvo buyers and Rusnak Customers out there… Just doing what I can to keep people updated.

The message is clear.


Rusnak Volvo Service drop-off area

I dropped off the car at Rusnak this morning. The brand message of Customer Satisfaction and Quality of Service is loud and clear. Large banners hang all over the service drop off area.