Pass the coolant!


Ooops! It came on again.

Transmission update: The Service Manager at Rusnak went back to the Territorial Manager at Volvo North America last week, to see if they would change their mind about replacing my transmission for no charge. Their answer is still no. Their offer of $1,300 still stands.
Next Steps: Not acceptable. The transmission was faulty from day 1. I will continue campaigning until my transmission is changed without a charge.

Cylinder Head update: I am leaking coolant like a sieve, yet there are no puddles under my car, and the car is running super rough while cold. Independent diagnosed the car as having an internal coolant leak, causing the cylinders to misfire. 3 possible causes: a crack in the cylinder head (replaced 1.5 year ago by Rusnak); the head gasket; or the block is warped. I took the car to Rusnak. They kept it for 3 days. They squeezed and jabbed, tapped and tested. Their conclusion is there is no leak inside the engine (despite Independent finding condensation inside the cylinders when pulling out the spark plugs). They claim the leak is due to a couple of worn out heater hoses in the back of the engine. The running rough is caused by faulty injectors. Suggested repair: $1,560. Two completely different diagnosis. Odd!
Next Step: I’m keeping my bottle of coolant close at all times. I am also taking my car back to Independent to change the heater hoses (for %40 less of a price) to see if that takes care of the coolant leak. If not, it’s back to Rusnak to raise a ruckus!

3 Responses to “Pass the coolant!”

  1. 1 Matt K November 20, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    I agree volvo and the service suck. My transmission went out on the car with 90k miles. The dealer response well the car is old be lucky it lasted that long. Unacceptable! I gave what was left to charity and am with you telling everyone I know. Stay away from volvo. The car has steer-rack issues, oil seals leaking (major repair), climate sensors replaced, wheel hubs replaced, sunroof rails replace, brake control unit replaced, and several other smaller issues not to mention the MANY software updates that did nothing to fix the issues. Terrible cars.

  2. 2 Charles November 23, 2009 at 6:46 am

    I own a XC70, 240, 850 myself and work at a independent volvo shop. Dealers they don’t really give a crap about your issues or just do a half join fixing it. I hardly drive my XC70, 30k miles on it. When I bought it used, there was a oil leak, a big one. The rear main engine seal was leaking so I had a good dealer replace it under warranty, I complain oil coming out from turbocharger, they replaced it under warranty and other minor issues/ That was back then at McKevitt Volvo Oakland in the Bay Area, the new location not sure if its any good but I rather fix my own cars. I have seen many Volvo models with steering rack leaks, faulty Cat Converters, defective/late/harsh engagement transmissions, ABS control unit, if you have DSTC $1,000+ part only. the list goes on.

  3. 3 Bob November 23, 2009 at 9:20 am

    You probably have a cracked block/heas camry had the same problem…3 months and new block later finally fixed the problem but they argued that all cars leak water?????

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